Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fish in love

Just added to the shop :)
here is the story:
One day Fishilie was swimming in the ocean and he was so
bored, all of a sudden he saw a beautiful fishy girl sleeping on
a shell! "Oh! So sweet she is! She is like an angel when she
is sleeping" ...From that day he couldn't get her out of his
mind, no matter how much he tried...
Now they are both so in love. Fishilie loves his girl so much
that he can't take his eyes off of her,
even when they kiss he has to look at her
and can’t close his eyes...
Thank you so much for listening to Fishilie's story!


  1. Oh sweeties!!! These two fish are just perfect! I love their colorful skin and the way he looks at her :)) :X it makes me smile! The backgrounds you used for these photos are Gorgeous! These 4 pics you arranged in a square can be a beautiful print!

  2. These 2 fishes are so the way he looks ar her too. n_n Lovely photos. Have a great day afi!

  3. Thank you so much dear Azadeh and Jacqueline! XOXO

  4. That is the cutest love story ever! :)