Friday, January 2, 2009

Piggie, the flower lover

Yesterday I was working on a custom order. A little pig!

I made him and I chose Piggie as his name.

Piggie is a flower lover, he loves to go for a walk in the evenings
and pick beautiful flowers. although he knows that picking the
flowers is not a good habit…but he can’t help it.
One day Piggie was walking by the lake near his home
and he saw a big pink flower right in the middle of the water!
“Oh my GOD! What a fantastic flower!!!” Piggie said.
He fell in love with it immediately and wanted to have it…
but he couldn’t because he didn’t know how to swim!
Piggie is made of polymer clay, wire and acrylic colors.
Thank you very much for listening to Piggie’s story

Here he is in my hand!


  1. wow!!!!I can't believe my eyes!! He is sooo adorable! Look at him standing by the lake! He is going to drawn himself:)) so cute!...He reminds me of someone,...I'll tell you over the phone ;)

  2. Thank you so much Azadeh! :) *HUGZ*