Friday, February 20, 2009

BeeVee and his secret admirer

This beaver was a custom order for one of my customers.
I've made the beaver, bird and flower with Polymer Clay.
The log is a piece of wood that I had found by the Caspian Sea
in Iran many years ago that belongs to my old collection.

I have a collection of dried leaves and pieces of wood
that I've brought with me all the way here from Iran...

I always loved to give personality to my mini sculptures,
and today I found out why!
I read a great quote in Elsita's blog
that says:

“It's beauty that captures your attention;
personality which captures your heart.”

So here is my beaver's story:

BeeVee is very good in making amazing homes in the river;
whenever he goes to the woods he collects some branches
and logs. Little blue birdie always watches BeeVee and
admires him for his skills in making homes with branches.

Blue birdie can not even imagine making a nest in the river!
Oh it's so hard, it really needs an engineer! Not just a little birdie :(

BeeVee doesn't know that he has a sweet secret admirer!
There are always secret admirers for all of us, but we don't
know about them :)

1 comment:

  1. Afi, i really truely adore your creations! This little beevee and his sweet secret admirer are both sooo adorable! And that cute little white joojoo land just so lovely! This joojoo land puffy flower is just soo additive. hehe

    I also really enjoy reading these little joojoo land stories. And i totally think it would be cool to compile all your little stories and make it into a lovely story book with your lovely creations and illustrations!

    Have a lovely merry happy day and a wonderful restful weekend! Lots of love to you!