Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jiki and BonsiBonsi tree!

Jiki is one happy little birdie of JooJoo Land. He is a very
tiny bird and very light! He weighs 1gram and half of his
weight is because of his feathers.
There is a special type of tree in JooJoo Land that is
very small and is called BonsiBonsi and is Jiki's favorite tree,
because he feels so big and strong when he sits
next to that tree!
Just added to the shop!


  1. BonsyBonsy! What a cute and funny name for a tree! Love it!

  2. I love this little one and that tree is sooo cute! Hope you had a good to you dear friend!

  3. Wow, your little creations are amazing! The mixture of color and detail and they are soo small and cute!! MAKE MORE!! Please ;)

  4. how is it possible to make them soooo small? Amazing! I love your polymer clay stuff!