Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Naked shoulders

Another hand-painted pendant. I called it "Naked shoulders"
I've painted the woman with gouache colors on
pottery clay and glazed the illustration only.
The rest has remained a gorgeous matt.
It has inserted in polymer clay and got baked.

I also wanted to share this song with you.
It made my day!
I found it in lovely Fashion fucsia's blog!


  1. Ohh! Afi, it's gorgeous! I LOVE it! Gray color, i think, makes it more elegant! Great Job !

  2. Afi, this is really very beautiful and sweet! Have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous. You're so talented!

  4. Tres elegant! Wow, the bare neck and shoulders are so sensuous. Lovely!

  5. People's talent always amazes me. Just divine!!!

  6. oh wow!!! I love your work....

  7. When I look at it I want to sing,
    Thank you for sharing your artists heart.....

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