Thursday, June 25, 2009


Let's get back to polymer clay!
Lately I was working on some new items including
terrarium objects, like little trees and grass.
I don't have a terrarium, I once went to the small woods near
our place to get some moss and make one for myself
I used a big spoon to dig the ground and then I noticed
that I killed an innocent worm :((
I really felt bad and left everything there.
I felt like an invader.. So I decided to make a terrarium
without any moss or real plants for now :)
I used salt to make a little oasis in a jar!
But I will wait for Toronto's cactus festival in August
and will get myself some lovely succulent plants
for a fresh new terrarium!
I also made some new magnets :)
This is Little Blue Birdie, She loves grapes, especially
the sweet ones. She has heard that grape seeds have a
lot of antioxidant but she still prefers the seedless ones!
It's very tiny, isn't it?
And here is Wormie, he lives on trees. He likes to eat
leaves, and enjoy the cool breeze of
lazy summer afternoons.

you can find these guys in my Etsy store.


  1. How cute! Love the little salt terrarium too:)

  2. All so sweet, Afi!! LOVE the bird and your comment ^_^
    I had a similar experience in the forest, when I wanted to make a terrarium. Now I'll wait till autumn/winter. I've seen many moos on the street. I think, the birds have thrown some moss from the roof, while they were looking for food ;)

  3. These are so cute! I like the little worm.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us all your lovely wonderful works, very pleasing to our eyes.

    Will visit you more often.

  5. Wow! So exciting! I love when I see newcomers on joojoo land! These new creatures are super cute as always! xoxoxo

  6. hi!
    I never never get tired of your wonderful work!!!!