Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snails 8/33 and 9/33

The project of 33 snails is progressing at a snail pace :)
I have a lot of lovely ideas for the other snails
and can't wait to make them all!
This time my inspiration for my snails was lace.
You can read about the history of lace here in Wikipedia.
And don't miss this wonderful lace inspired fence!

I've called these collections of objects
"Objects and harmony"
They are mostly arranged based on my snails' colors.
This is the second in the series
To see the Flickr set click here.


  1. Your snails are just exquisite! I love the pattern on them - do you paint it on afterwards or do you somehow get it into the sculpting clay? Either way, I am super impressed!! :) Silke

  2. Elegant! I love their texture and the small dots on brown one's shell! perfect @};-

  3. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Did you paint those designs on? They're so cute!

  4. Aww! Gorgeous creations! You're so talented!

  5. The snails are lovely!!! Such beautiful shapes and painted lace!

    You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for your comments. :)

  6. Oh Afi, these snails are simply amazing. I adore the colors and the pattern. I've no words!
    And I really like the earrings too.
    Have a nice day =)

  7. They are so absolutely sweet! Perfectly charming.

  8. Just wanted to say your aesthetic is so beautiful, I really love it! Thanks for are very inspiring!

  9. These look delicate and pretty :)

  10. What beautiful earrings and colors!

  11. I have an award for you. Please come to my blog to claim it.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    James Oh

  12. Thank you so much dear friends! You are so wonderful :)

  13. Your snails are adorable! I'm so glad you used one as your avatar on twitter! It made me want to click & see what other awesome things you make! You're very talented!

  14. Oh joo joo, oh Afi, I had no idea you were such a prolific artist creating beautiful snails. I'm so very happy you came by. Now that I see your blog I can't believe all I was's pure and colorful and fresh. My friend told me about your artwork and now I feel so lucky she did. Thank you for your sweetness yesterday. Heather

  15. this is such a good idea they are all so cute!

  16. Cute little snails! Your painting is excellent - love those eyelashes! ;-) I've chosen your blog for the Dream Blog award and featured you on my blog!

    Visit my blog for more about the award:

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


  17. Oh my goodness!! Must! Follow!This!Blog!!! :)))