Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three little birdies

Today is one of the most beautiful summer days of
JooJoo Land, the weather is not so hot and a very
pleasant cool breeze brings the smell of salt water
and fresh grass. The white sand of JooJoo Land is
warm and the three little birdies love to go on a
picnic in such a day.
Their names are, Fuchsie, Tealie and little pea.
Fuchsie loves pink so much, and she is so happy
that her feathers are pink, and her favorite flower
is rose.
Tealie loves the color of ocean, teal and aqua
blue and her favorite fruit is tangerine.
Little pea loves all the colors and all the fruits
and he is very good in telling jokes and making
his friends laugh!
Thank you for your interest in these birdies story!
You can find them here in my shop.

Recently I was also working on some terrarium darlings!
These are cute little orange trees with tiny oranges.

Here is my little orchard!
Sand in Ikea container :)
I've made the orange tree and tiny oranges from
polymer clay.


  1. gosh... this is so adorable... and the orange tree is so so so cute!!!!! did they take the picnic basket?

  2. Love the orange tree! Great idea!

  3. Your bird stories are so lovely. Thanks for telling! The orange tree looks great!

  4. These are cuter than cute! And I love getting to know their stories a little better! Adorable! :) Silke

  5. Some adorable creatures inhabit Joo Joo Land!

  6. OMG!! this is the cutest thing I ever see!! it´s beautiful! Afi you´re my daily inspiration :)!!

  7. hi!
    thanks for dropping by my blog...
    I think that mango will be great on the pie... if it's juicy even better... give it a try... it's easy to bake... when the dough gets golden brown it's ready...

  8. then let me know how it came out... have a nice weekend

  9. Many thanks everyone for stopping by and for your sweet comments! xox

    Oh! That's great then Macati! Many thanks, I'll let you know about the results! :) Hugs!

  10. Sweat pea , I wish you where real! I love it! These three friends are great together!And the orange tree is simply awesome!