Monday, November 23, 2009

Jasper the green owl

The most talkative species of owls!!!
Unlike other types of owls Jasper doesn't sleep during the day time.
He only eats berries and worms because he is too small to hunt
mice and squirrels! He is only 2cm tall!
He loves to hang out with his friends and talk about all the latest
news in JooJoo Land, for example who is dating who and ...

I have added these little polymer clay owls to the shop
just a few days ago.
These days I am working on some new watercolor paintings,
they are much bigger than my usual paintings. Hopefully very
soon I'll blog about them.


  1. These owls are adorable!! Love their pinkie eyes! I also adore your lovely xmas trees lots! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  2. This are sooo cute! I love owls , i have them in my etsy banner:

    Well done!
    Studio Danale

  3. Who dates who :)) Funny,yet so adorable...Thanks for sharing

  4. They are adorable..Owls are so beautiful. Cant wait to see the water colors

  5. Hello Afi! These owls are so sweet!
    I made owls out of polymer clay too, maybe I'll post some photos soon :)
    Have a nice week!

  6. Oh, så cute! You have such a lovely blog! Heidi.

  7. Afi your snails (they travelled from Canada to Italy slowly like snails;-)have just arrived!
    You can't imagine how happy I am.
    They are super cute, and the mini parcel was so nice and the small drawing on the envelope..!
    You made my day!! thanks :-)

  8. Dear afi, i wanna wish you a happy merry thanksgivng and to give thanks to you for being such an inspiration, and always sending me your love and support! Love to you!