Thursday, September 30, 2010

2011 Giclee Calendar + Vacation!

Here is the final product, very similar to last year's packaging.
Now you can find this calendar in my shop.
I will be on vacation from October 1st through 20th.
I'm going to visit my sister and grandma
in Tehran :)

I left my shop open for you to look, browse and buy.
However if you make a purchase your package will
be shipped after I come back, which means
1-4 business days after October 20th.

More photos!

All in one!
More collage on my inspiration board with my doodles on kraft paper, polymer clay pendants, beads, stamps and color samples from Home Depot :D

I'll miss you guys! But I'll be back with lots of exciting photos! xoxo


  1. Really lovely!
    Hope you have a nice trip.

  2. You are one of the most lovely and talented people I read up on. :) Have a great trip and sketch your travels!

  3. Congrats on finishing this adorable project! Have a great safe trip :)

  4. Have an unforgetable vacation with your dearest sister and Grandma in your native country! Bon voyage!!
    The calendar is wonderful! Good for you!!

  5. Great project! Have a great trip!

  6. Oh! I can see your old diary book among those beautiful things you've arranged to take a shot :D
    Your calendar is awesome! Specially with your tips on how and where to put them,It would be a colorful year for those who have it, I'm sure ;)

  7. dearest afi, your calender looks really awesome and so inspiring! I also love the settings you set up in your photos...truely beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy vacation sweet friend! Love to you!

  8. I really love your 2011 calendar!! They are so beautiful and lovely =) So warm, sweet feeling

  9. Your drawings & painting is amazing. I went right back to the beginning looking at all your pretty designs :)

  10. Hope you have an amazing visit!
    Your Photos are almost as delicious as your art!

  11. Your work is perfect!!You are in my blog today!!!!

  12. Hello Afi!
    How are you?
    After so much time I'm back :) and I'm very glad to see that your illustrations and creations are always wonderful! You're amazing.
    A big hug :)

  13. Very nice...
    This is my first visit from your blog, and I really enjoyed of it.
    I'm already in Tehran too, Hope you have a nice trip.

  14. I'm really interested in how you get this polish post stamp :)

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  16. nice board :) you have stamp from poland ... i'm from poland, you know? :)) be-au-ti-ful art!!! i'm in love with your art :) and i have obsession ;p i save your photos on my 'inspiration pendrive ' :))

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