Thursday, February 10, 2011

My alphabet guys and girls

Clay version of my alphabet guys and girls!
I'm planning to make all 26 of them and
put them in my shadow box.
I mean this one!
{ Allgie is telling a story and everyone is listening! }


  1. How cute!
    I love them all!

  2. Oh Joojoo, they are so cute!!!!! I could have all of them.

  3. I love them, they are so nice and I like to have them for friends...
    I can also be a baby sitter if you want!
    Take good care of them !
    Congratulations Joojoo!
    Have a nice day !
    Marie (Québec, Canada)

  4. Wow! What a cute collection! I love those dots in crabs chick! I can't say which one is my favorite , they are all one of a kind!

  5. wow! they are so cute! so so so cute! :D compliments!

  6. That's really really cute! I love the fox :)

  7. Oh my these little ones are making me feel happy! I really adore them especially the crab and the elephane!! I didn't have a good day at day job but your guys are making me feel so much better! Thanks so much for sharing sweet friend! Love to you!

  8. Cute! They will all look lovely in your new shadowbox =)

  9. They are so sweet! I thing Iguana will be a very amazing one. Today in France, in my little town, the sun shine and it's 10°C... I don't know how many it is in °F... have a nice day

  10. i love the indian crowned elephant the most... but thats just being regionalistic... fantastic work... will keep myself updated on these

  11. Oh my, you are so inspiring X3 really like these animals!