Monday, July 16, 2012

How to hang plates without plate hangers

Plate wall display Hello everyone! I was very quiet lately, because we were doing some home renovation and I was very busy with moving, cleaning, dusting, it! But meanwhile I found some time to decorate an empty living room wall with some plates, saucers and little dishes. You can even see a small vintage frame in there!
Some of these dishes are gifts from my mom, sister and my lovely friend Christel 
 Without plate hangers In order to hang the plates without plate hangers (I just don't like them!) I used framing wire and
hot glue gun. To make them even stronger I used several layers of duct tape.
The back of plates is very ugly now, but who cares as long as they don't fall down and break! :o)
In the end I scanned the bottom of each piece and made a template. This way I could see where exactly each plate is going to be and where I should hammer a nail. This step takes some time and is boring, but it's totally worth it.