Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Persian New Year!

Today is the first day of spring and Persian New Year.
This is my 7 Sîn! You may probably remember my last year's.
You can read about this Iranian tradition here in Wikipedia.

I bought these flowers from the supermarket today.
I hadn't seen such flowers before. They look so exotic.

Do you know their name? I promised you to take some good photos of Fire Festival in Toronto.
But it was very dark and I didn't have a tripod so these are the best
photos that I could take...
Blurry...but shows the fireworks. It was very crowded and I couldn't go
and take photos of the dancers and the performance.
More fireworks!
I wish you a very lovely spring and Persian New Year!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Illustration Friday - Brave

Better late than never!
I had the idea of this illustration in mind from a long time ago ...
I did it with colored pencils and PhotoShop.
Here is the print on 8.5x11" paper.
You can find it in my shop.