Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Persian New Year!

Today is the first day of spring and Persian New Year.
This is my 7 Sîn! You may probably remember my last year's.
You can read about this Iranian tradition here in Wikipedia.

I bought these flowers from the supermarket today.
I hadn't seen such flowers before. They look so exotic.

Do you know their name? I promised you to take some good photos of Fire Festival in Toronto.
But it was very dark and I didn't have a tripod so these are the best
photos that I could take...
Blurry...but shows the fireworks. It was very crowded and I couldn't go
and take photos of the dancers and the performance.
More fireworks!
I wish you a very lovely spring and Persian New Year!


  1. Happy New year! I love those flowers you picked up...they ARE exotic!

    Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a lovely blogger award on my blog today :-) Thanks for being inspiring!

  2. Afsaneh joonam >:D< Happy new year to you and Suma , Wish you the best :X:X:X

  3. Happy New Year, those flowers are stunning!

  4. The flowers are called Protea from Australia! They are lovely and unique, we also make honey from them :)

  5. Love it! It is so wonderful how you share your experiences. You are right, those flowers are great! I bet you can do a wonderful watercolor of them.

    OH and as always I love your spread, it looks great especially the wonderful colors you always choose.

    Happy New Year!

  6. i love love love LOVE your work, both illustration and polymer clay :)
    i also do illustration and polymer clay jewelry at!

    I'm following your blog, i really enjoy looking at your colorful pictures, they're inspiring :)

  7. happy new year to you! do you speak a native iranian language?

  8. Oh My goodness what a treat it was to visit your blog!!! It's so beautiful over here! This is a most wonderful place. I can fill the joy coming through each post. It's magnificent! Great work!. Thanks so much for stopping by! Thank you.

  9. I finally saw your 7 Sîn! Wow , it's beautiful!

  10. Happy New Year to you my dear and best wishes for a healthy one! :D

  11. Happy New Year Afi and thanks for having me read up on a persian tradition.

    And to start of the "new year" and because I'm a big fan of all the gorgeous things you create, I’m passing up the Sunshine Award to you. You can pick it up on my blog.

  12. Dearest Afi, happy spring and happy new year to you!! I remember Persian New Year from your last year's post. :) I adore those lovely flowers you bought and loving the fireworks photos you share here with us! Thank you so so much for sharing. :) Hope you are having a lovely week and love to you!

  13. Dear friends, thanks a lot for your lovely wishes! xo

    Emily: Thank you dear Emily for the award! Hugs!!

    Calyps: WOW! It's wonderful! Thanks a lot for the great info :)

    Paper House: Your jewelry is wonderful! Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! :)

    JessicaJane: Thanks a lot dear Jessica! Yes, I speak Farsi, it's my first language! ^___^

    Ingrid: Thanks a lot for the sunny award dear Ingrid!

  14. A bit late, but.. Happy New Year, dear Afi! Wishing you a good time! xoxoxo