Thursday, January 17, 2013

In my Etsy shop

Now available in other colors
In my Etsy shop

This illustration and the matching one (mother and baby) are among my best sellers on Etsy. Many people asked me for different hair and skin colors during the past few years, so I decided to add 4 more hair/skin combinations to my shop.

Now available in other colors
In my Etsy shop

I might be able to do other combinations too, just let me know :o)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beach pebbles

Beach pebbles

A few weeks ago we went by the beach of Lake Ontario for a walk and I collected some
 lovely smooth pebbles. Hopefully soon I'll paint on some of them.

Snowy beach

This was the first time that I was visiting a snowy beach. It was very different from a summer beach,
but it has its own beauty.

Ice between snow and water

As you can see there is an icy area between snow and water and I fell down just like how
 people fall down in cartoons (first two legs move forward and ...)
 in a second my iPhone was somewhere in the air and I was
 lying down on my back aching all over!
 Well, I was lucky that I didn't break a leg! No one says pebble hunting is easy when
everywhere is covered with ice and snow!

Dogs in snow

Do dogs LOVE snow? I had never seen dogs that happy before, they were rolling in snow and playing!

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