Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend by the beach

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful here,
Still a little bit cold but you could feel that spring is coming.
I went by the Lake Ontario with my husband Suma
and I took this photo from a happy seagull there.
Another week is coming...I wish you a happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful photo Afsaneh, it has a romantic mood!
    It reminds me of a song from 80's, Black-Wonderful Life

  2. Afi, i love that photo! Glad you had a good weekend! And i hope your having a good monday! Love to you!

  3. Very pretty photo..glad your weather is nice.

  4. I, too, took a ride to the beach with my hubby and we had a lovely time. It was foggy & cold but it didn't matter; we just loved being by the ocean. I love your photo of that seagull - I think he's looking ahead, waiting for summer