Friday, January 29, 2010

Moon over the frozen city

Today was a very cold day, -14°C but feels like -23°C
usually I walk to post office and it takes only 10 minutes.
Although I was wearing many layers like an onion
but I still found it so hard to get there...
But I love Toronto, it's a beautiful city with lots of sunny days! :)


  1. hi, I live in finland and we also have -14c here :-) looks like you don´t have much snow there, we are drowing in to snow and more is coming every day. Btw, I really, really love your watercolor paintings! You have very unique touch and colors are so bright and lively :-)

  2. Here in Portugal the temperature is warmer. But this week the weather was very cold.

    I really like the view of your window. Perfect ;)


  3. Thanks a lot for stopping by :) xo

  4. ok then! thats just waaaaay to cold for me.....

  5. Hi, I speak from Brazil. Here is too much warm that I have thought to move on to Canada... (I'm laughing!)
    Your work is so much good. I love it!

    Kisses from Brazil!

    Are you Indian?