Sunday, November 21, 2010


From my sketchbook.
{ Places I would love to visit #1: Korea }
Pen on paper + Digital coloring


  1. i love your sketches
    & the heart appearing between people...
    i think hearts appear
    all over the place in your world
    when you look at what you love...
    & i also adore the birds & bush
    in your post below.
    such sweetness runs from your hand.

  2. Have you illustrated books? I imagine a book of poetry (no matter for adults or for children), illustrated by you!:)Your style is so pure and expressive!!

  3. Amazing! So much detail to explore and enjoy!And I love those lovers! Well done as always xoxoxo

  4. Are those texts real? If yes, what do they say? :D

  5. Just beautiful. I especially like the illustration of the boy and girl. Your work is so lovely. :)

  6. Thanks a lot my dear Rachel, Azadeh, Rossichka and Ruth! xo

    Rossichka: Actulally I really love to do that!

    Xovika: Haha, yes! They have meaning! From top, the bird is singing "Love", The stork's banner says "I love Seoul" and the fish is thinking "Korea"

  7. If Korea is anything like that, I want to go too!! ^^

    I find all of your drawings inspiring and soothing at the same time... better than my yoga lessons! "Ommm shanti ommm..."


  8. Wow. The drawing is beautiful.

    I'm a Korean(-American) myself and I feel that your drawing captured a part of the essence of Korean culture well.

    You should go in the spring around March; it's a very beautiful time to go. Especially when the cherry blossoms bloom.

  9. this is absolutely beautiful, you very good korean handwriting too!

    that bowl up there, is it supposed to be filled with chrysanthemum tea or is it bibimbap?

  10. everything you do is incredible!!! i love it so much!! but i live in Ukraine so i have no ability to buy something from you jewelery collection((( but i would like to have all of them)))
    p.s. i am so sad((( why i am not in Canada??((

  11. I found your site by way of a pin on Pinterest.
    I don't like Korea, because they are vindictive to Japan.
    But I like your picture. This picture is wonderful :)