Friday, February 18, 2011

Fruit labels

I finally finished filling up my writing board with fruit labels!
Of course with the help of my parents and my lovely friend Montse :)
The labels with a toucan and the one with 3 papayas were sent
by my lovely friend Montse from Mexico :)
I couldn't find such exotic ones here in Toronto for sure!
I brought the ones with oranges (far left) from Tehran in my last trip to Iran.
Happy Friday friends!
Hope you have a great weekend and see you back on Monday!


  1. Fantastic! Beautiful collection! The one with 3 papayas seems so delicious !

  2. What a wonderful collection!!!
    They look fab!

  3. I was collecting them for you as well! Have about 25 unique ones! Do you want me to send them to u? :)

  4. That's quite a different collection. Like I have seen the collection of postal tickets, coins, foreign currency, or favorite actors photographs, but looking at the gathered fruit labels for the first time. Very nice and different collection.

  5. Thank you friends! :) xo

    Annie: Oh, I'll be more than happy to receive those wonderful labels! I can use them in my sketch book and in collage pieces! Hugs!! xo

  6. What a fabulous collection, dear Afi! :)
    Have a nice weekend :)

    p.s. on my blog I featured one of your pair of earrings in my week wishlist :)

  7. Me too I'm collecting some for you! :-D
    But at the moment I have only 6 (italian, of course) so I'll wait to have some more to send them to you ;-)


  8. - Thanks a lot my lovely Merylu! I stopped by your blog :)

    - WOW!! Thank you dear Cristina! I'm super excited!

    - Lauren: Thanks a lot dear Lauren for your kind comment! Welcome to my blog!

  9. Dearest Afi!!! You made my day!! Ü !! Thank you so much for blogging about me!! I'am glad you used them to complete your collection, it looks great! It would be really nice to see each one of them closely.. and catch all the little details. Have a really nice week Afi! And again Thank you!! Lots of love and good vibes!!! Your friend Montse! Suerte!!

  10. Wow, I can't believe that you are also doing it! :) My friends think that it's a very strange hobby.
    My collection is only with bananas stickers. Someday I will arrange them on a cardboard.

    Greetnigs from Bulgaria ;)