Friday, March 11, 2011


I read about Japan's 8.9 earthquake news this morning in Google home page.
What an angry planet we have *sigh* ... I hope everyone stays safe from the Tsunami :(
Our window faces east Toronto and I never see a sunset from here, but reflection of
lights from glass buildings far away is as beautiful as the sunset itself.


  1. Lovely shot!

    I heart goes out to the people in Japan affected by it. We were watching the news this sad and so scary!!

  2. What a beautiful picture!
    Sending good thoughts to Japan. We're on the West Coast here, and although we have some flood warnings, it just doesn't compare to the devastation in Japan itself.

  3. Just got the necklace I ordered from your etsy shop...sweetness! I like the packaging of your product and I like your handwriting too.. thank you, I'm sure the one who will get that as a birthday gift will be very happy.

  4. My prayers are with them sad.