Saturday, November 3, 2012

Early bird

Beautiful morning One of the good things about being an early bird is that you get to see the beautiful sunrise.
 It especially feels good after a whole week of rainy/cloudy days!

Have a lovely weekend friends! 


  1. Oh wow *_*
    You forgot a second condition you need to have:
    a wonderful view like the one from your windows! You're lucky!

  2. What a lovely shot and what a way to wake up!!

  3. Dear JooJoo, I read all your posts and I'm really amazed with all your work. Your jewelery are elegant but still cool, and your illustration all are full of sweetness!

    Hope that you continue making our lives so happy, soft and colouful :)
    Love from Brazil! ♥

    1. Dear Juliana, Thanks a lot for your kind comment! I visited your blog and I really love your work. How magical! Your illustrations are gorgeous! I love your watercolor girl with a cute birdie! I pinned it to my Pinterest:

      Big big hugs!! ♥

  4. My favorite time of day! Beautiful!