Friday, August 2, 2013

Sunny days + A survey for the next animal

Wild flowers

Korean children's book

Morning light

Happy clouds

A little wild flower
A lovely Korean book that I borrowed from library (would love to know the title in English!)
Morning light in my studio
Happy clouds

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  1. I love You pictures and jewelery. They are so so cute!!!
    I didn't see letter L, maybe L like lion:)
    Greeting Agnes

  2. The big cloud in your picture looks like the hat in 'little prince' :D
    Lovely pics...

  3. Love the lightning in your office!

  4. I voted ibis, but I don't think it's going to win! :(

  5. I asked a friend of mine who is Korean about the book. Here is what she wrote "The title means 'today' as a name of person. You can pronounce that like ' Oneul-E.' Oneul means today and it can be someone's name if you put 'E' at the end. I guess it is the name of the main character. She didn't have a name before and someone gave her name, 'Oneul-E', because they met that day for the first time. It is a Korean myth from Jenu Island. "

  6. Hello, Let me know you "오늘이". It can mean two ways.
    "오늘" means "today". so with "이" is can be "Today is..".
    but I guess that the author doesn't attach any verb or adjective after "오늘이". so it also sounds someone's name like a "summer". people use summer as a name but that meaning is the one of season's.
    Hope you enjoy that book! :D

  7. Agus: Thanks a lot dear :o) L will come very soon!
    Xovika: You are right!!! Haha!! Many thanks :o)
    Aida: Thank you :o)
    Look see: I love Ibis too :o( Sorry!
    Carol and Jinhee: Many thanks to both of you! It was a lot of fun to know more about Korean language! Love the Korean culture :o) xo