Thursday, May 29, 2014

Orchid blooms

My orchid plant finally bloomed after a very long time! It's a great feeling! 
At first I thought it's growing another root, but it turned out to be a flower spike!
 This orchid was a lovely gift from a dear friend. 
Now these flowers remind me of her :o)


  1. Congratulations on your orchid's new blooms! My friend got me one a few years ago and I know how exciting it is when the flowers start to make an appearance again!

    Amy | The Little Koala Blog ♥
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  2. I share in your joy - my orchid (which I thought had died just a couple of months ago!) Is blooming too! Aren't they amazing plants? I hope your flowers stick around for a few weeks ;-)

  3. I really luv your plants! A very nice inspiration!
    Congratulations for that! =]

  4. Stunningly beautiful final photograph.


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