Friday, September 19, 2014

Maemi . The fifth kokeshi

Hello friends! I was very quiet here on the web, but I was doing a lot of fun projects behind the scenes! I have finished making four more kokeshi dolls. This little orange baby is one of them. I just need to take photos of the rest. Sometimes I wish I had a photographer! I am not in the mood for taking photos these day...Am I too lazy?!!

Now let me introduce  this little happy girl properly:

Her name is Maemi (Smile of truth) and obviously she loves oranges. You can find her in my Etsy shop but don't ever get tempted to eat her tiny oranges:

Miniature shadow box from:

Those tiny leaves are hand painted. I use super small scissors to cut them out.
You can take a sneak peek at my other kokeshi dolls in the background.
I am so excited to show them all to you!