Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meet our cats

Meet our new cats, Felfeli and Boma!
 They are a pair of brother and sister and are one and a half years old!
 We adopted them 3 weeks ago. The sister (Felfeli) was very friendly and comfortable from day one,
 but Boma is a very shy guy.
He was hiding under the bed, in the tub, under the sofa, name it!
Now he is a bit better, he comes out and plays with his sister and we can pet him a little bit. 

 Boma in his hideout :D

Felfeli, she is the sweetest!


  1. They are not just sweet, they are beautiful! I suppose every day if full of excitement and smiles!:)

    1. Thank you Rossichka! I am so happy that we got two cats. They actually play a lot together and are pretty funny!

  2. Boma and Felfeli are so beautiful and sweet! It's great experience to adopt grown up cats. We adopted ours, also a brother and a sister (Boycie and Kelly) when they were about a year old, now they are with us for more than 8 months and we adore them...

    1. That's wonderful! I love their names! They must be so cute!

    2. Well, all the kittens got the names from the English sit com Only Fools and Horses, which was very popular in Croatia in the 1990 but people still remember the characters :). Boycie is black and white and Kelly is quite similar to your beautiful Felfeli