Monday, March 30, 2015

New shadow box designs

There are some cool new shadow box designs in my parents shop. See them all here.

I have made this little froggie using felt.
I'll show you more photos of this little prince soon.

This lovely little shadow box is my sister's design.
She has a pretty print shop too.
See her painting here.

My new snails are modeling for this long cute shadow box.
I am planning on painting some tattoos on them.

This is the same shadow box as the first photo of this post.
You can hang it both vertically and horizontally.

Hope you are having a great Monday! :o)
See you soon friends!


  1. Lovely! so delicate and cute! btw, I love your work! ♥

  2. So, you are a creative family!:)
    These shadow boxes are so delicate, I like how you have arranged them.
    Waiting to see the Frog...

  3. Oh, I looove your art! :) This is so cute :)
    x Orsi

  4. Thanks a lot for our kind comments :o)

  5. Thanks a lot for our kind comments :o)