Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Palms in my Sketchbook

Sketching some varieties of palm trees.
Soon I'll incorporate some them in my new greeting cards.

I love using gold details wherever I can :o)

{ Gouache + Pencil }


  1. Ms Tajvidi, is there anyway you could share which brand of gouache paints you use? Where you might order them from? I believe you are also in Ontario like me, I think.. is there a specific art supply store you recommend? Thanks! The suns and palm trees w gold are my new favs.😍

  2. Hi Jeanine! Thanks a lot for your kind comments and welcome to my blog :o) I use two brands of gouache paint: Holbein Acryla and winsor & newton. You can find them at "Curry's Art Supplies". But not all of their stores carry Holbein paints, but you can order them online from them web shop:
    Hope it helps!