Tuesday, July 28, 2009 = All About JooJoo!

Hi everyone!
Today I'm very excited to announce my new web address:
Sweet 'n Short!!!
I guess now it's much easier for everyone to visit my blog! :)

JooJoo means a birdie in Persian ,
especially it's used for little yellow chicks.
2 years ago I had gone to the beach with Suma and
he found this heart shaped stone there. He asked
me to paint myself on it, and I painted us instead!

I've used gouache and then sealed it after that.
I used this illustration for my wedding invitations too!
I made all of our wedding invitations myself!
Including favors and my cake topper!
I will blog about them soon!
Thank you for visiting,
It's always a pleasure having you here!


  1. yay, love the new address and that you are so talented and wedding crafty! xoxo


  2. Hiee there dear friend! I missed you while i was away. >_< Glad to be catching up on all the posts ive missed on your blog. Oh i adore the new address! Hope your having a lovely week! Love to you!

  3. Afi , is the best!! :D:X:X \:D/ This painted stone is super cute! You are so creative and it's always a surprising sweet moment to be here, I mean :D haha , I love it!

  4. sweet website, really nicely done!

  5. Joo joo means yeah yeah in Finnish;) Like "are you coming or what?" "Yeah yeah". What a precious blog you have!