Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Illustration Friday - Ripple

A little doodle that I did on a paper doilie and
colored it in PhotoShop.
I did that birdie on the left page in doctor's office today while I was
waiting to go in. It took an hour for them to send me in!
Thank God that I had a pen and a notebook :D


  1. This is very cute, it looks really lovely on the doilie too!

  2. Wooow!...Hug them and squeeze them! Why should a creature be that cute?! The colors are nice , and what a cool idea to doodle on a paper doilie!
    Afi ,las night I was watching a documentary about mamals with my friend. The arctic foxes are sweet and clean creatures , have you seen them? google it if not , you'll enjoy!

  3. Oooooh... lovely work!

    Saskia :)

  4. Der Afi,

    As usual, they are so so adorable! I hate waiting to see the doctor, but now I have your brilliant idea - bring a sketch book!

    Keep Smiling,
    Abby :)

  5. oh! According to the picture from your sketchbook, the new beautiful bird will soon start to fly :D

  6. Adorable! It looks so cute on the doilie and in color!

  7. Dearest Afi, i love your doodle! It's so inspiring that it makes me want to improve my doodle and practise more sketching and doodling! I really LOVE this doodle on that doilie! Such a wonderful idea and i might try it on some doilies for my inspiration board!

  8. I'm in love with all your drawings, really enchanting!!!

  9. Afi! Everytime I come here I get amazed on how beautiful your drawings are! Even though you just make them while waiting. Love that peacock!
    Have a great Sunday ! Good Luck! ;)

  10. Absolutely fab! Is there anything you make or draw that isn't cute?! Your talent is crazy. :)

  11. Oi amiga, fazia algum tempo que não passava por aqui, amei td como sempre, beijokas...

  12. Tudo maravilhoso
    adorei, sucesso beijos

    Renata Arruda
    Twitter: @fuxicosretalhos