Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nesting shells

My sister and I found these shells in Kish Island (An island in Persian Gulf)
when I was 7 years old. Only a few native people were living in there and it
was so deserted. We had gone there for my dad's business trip.
Now the island has become a resort and full of tourists, but I haven't visited
it since then.


  1. I know places like that —that I cherish memories from....even thought you can never go back, you still have that place in your mind and it makes you realize the importance of memories.

  2. I love how neatly they all stack together!

  3. They fit together perfect... Love them! Uck. I hate it when beautiful places are destroyed.

  4. Good old days... Do you remember those trees with green beens? The place was magnificent at that time!