Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House Sparrow

I really didn't know male and female sparrows have different colors
until I took pictures of them while there were singing on our
I painted them with watercolors in my new tiny Moleskine
watercolor notebook.
When I took a close look at their photos I realized that they are
very different! You can read more about them here in Wikipedia.

These are the photos that I took from them. They both have something
in their beaks and still were singing! :)) I guess their nest is very close
and they're taking food to their chicks.

If you're looking for a very good watercolor notebook you'll love this one.
I bought this one from Ebay but they sell them in most craft stores.
You can also find them in Moleskine website.


  1. Wonderful watercolours! I like to watch sparrows hopping down the streets...

  2. Oh, the photos of the sparrows are adorable...

  3. LOVe you tiny sparrows...
    I have a little watercolour moleskine JUST like that...waiting to be filled, it's been forgotten about recently!

  4. ooo yes... that's the next essential I must buy, at the moment all my doodles are on scraps of paper. It drives my husband bonkers, lol.

    As always you're a super artist. I'm soooo jealous :)

  5. the difference is so subtle I had never noticed it before now! sweet drawings!

  6. House sparrow is very interesting bird, I love to watch them while there eating . .

    Nice drawings :-)

  7. Those little water colors are SO ADORABLE! Will we be seeing little sparrows in Joo Joo land as well? :) Love them!

  8. This might sound weird but even a picture of you holding a notebook is beautiful.

    Oh how I wish I had half your talent.

  9. Oh! Adooorable creatures! And, you've painted them perfectly Afi! Thanks for giving me a Moleskine notebook, I will post my paintings if I did something in it :)

  10. That male bird bringing an olive branch to he female because he trying to be making peace with her after he done went out with that skinny lil' bitch chickadee the night before. Any of y'all got any favorite gooseberry cobbler recipes I can use?

  11. I really do adore your watercolor! These sparrows are soo adorable!! Oh and i have a Moleskine notebook too!! I love it lots and it's nice to know that it's good for watercolor!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  12. I have one a little larger and LOVE IT! There is something about a brand new sketchbook that both inspires me and terrifies me. I love your sweet illustrations. Thank you for sharing :)

  13. Absolutely charming sparrows, painting them in that tine book makes them even more adorable!!!

  14. Dear Afi!! Those little sparrows are gorgeous!! I have also a Moleskine, a memo pocket, where I keep all my drawings and they are magical! Nice choice!! Good Luck!!

  15. How cute! I love what pretty things you create!
    I also bought this watercolour Moleskine recently and I love working with it!
    Besides: Everything in your blog makes me smile!! Thank you!