Thursday, August 19, 2010

My love for Typography

I ♥ typography and calligraphy, although I used to hate them in
school when I was a kid!
We used to practice Nastaligh (Persian style calligraphy)
and I have to say it was very difficult for me! But recently I was playing
with letters and illustrations and came up with this design.
It's not done yet, but I'll show the complete painting soon!
It's hard to see the birdies now! They are almost hidden :)


  1. Awe very pretty, I'd love something like that on my wall.

  2. Dear Afi!! My eyes can't stand it!!! It's extremely beautiful!!! And that word full of power!! I love it Dear Afi!! Please have an excellent week-end! Suerte!!

  3. SOOO beautiful, always. Everything you do is just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's so inspiring!!

  4. your stuff is adorable—in a very good way.

  5. Yous blog is a lovely World : ) Kisses from Portugal : ***