Friday, September 17, 2010

July . Desert bird

I love all plants in general but cactis have a very special
place in my heart! How about you?
What is your favorite plant?
.Watercolor on 8.5"x11" paper
It looks cute on the calendar card!
And here is the print! So far this illustration is my favorite from
this calendar. You can find it in my shop.
See you soon for "August" & have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


  1. One more lovely sheet of the calendar! To be honest, I don't like cactuses, but yours is so beautiful! I have two favourite flowers - Lily of the Valley and Poppy! I like also Moss Roses.

  2. This one is simply gorgeous! I love your colorful, yet delicate style! So neat and sweet.
    I'm thinking , what's my favorite plant? I love almost all of them, specially cacti. There is one, that I want to grow it someday. First I need a garden and a white little home by the beach. It's red bougainvillea :P

  3. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL, as always. *sigh* so beautiful!

  4. Really beautiful work! This + April and March are my favorites so far, though all the months have been cute :-)

  5. Although Cactuses have never been my preferred "plant" after seeing yours I am definately noticing the beauty that hides underneath the thorns and just merely extends through the prickly exterior.

    My favorite flower is a Buttercup. My husband has such a hard time with this one because he would like more then anything to be able and bring me a "bunch" but they are so difficult to find. :) Love your art BTW.

  6. Ooooh... another lovely month for the calender!!

    Saskia :)

  7. Lovely!! And my favorite plants are cactus too (and suculentas... they are very similar to cactus...).. :)
    Noca Passos (Maria Fulo)

  8. Dearest Afi, i love this piece july! It's gorgeosu and soo sweet!! Love to you!

  9. I will move soon and I will buy a huge plain glass bowl and will make a small desert plant garden with different decorations. I want it really huge! :) SO it can decorate our dining table! :)

  10. Oooh! Breathtaking color! This piece really makes me feel happy!