Thursday, June 16, 2011


From my sketchbook.
{ Micro pen . Watercolor . Colored pencils . Gouache . stickers . Washi tape . Stamp }

I have used some fun transparent stickers in this one, the balloons on top and
the leaves of the tree on the bottom of the right page. You can find them in
many Etsy shops.
I love using metallic gouache! I took the photo in an angel that they shine :)
Some pressed leaves and flowers that I've collected over the years and new
Canadian stamps.


  1. oh my gosh how absolutely adorable! your style is so sweet i am in love with your work <3

  2. Love it! I especially like the teddy bear rice bowl!

  3. that whole sketchbook is beatiful. wish i could draw like you.

  4. Your style is so precise and clean but still friendly and whimsical... You always amaze me. And the materials: metallic gouache, and those! I love it all, but the little pufferfish and the bowls are my favorites!

  5. You know, it's feels like a real trip to Hawaii and all other corners of your imagination! My favorite is that sleeping creature who is dreaming a sweet dream! and I love the tree and it's leaves, cool style! So shiny .. Not because you used metallic gouache,but it's your art that's shining :D

  6. how does your sketchbook's cover looks like? So curious about it! :)

  7. Thanks a lot dear friends! :)

    Anonymous: It's a sketchbook from a Canadian brand called "DeSerres", It has a leather brown cover.

  8. Your sketchbook is soooo awesome. How in the world do you keep it that organized?!?

  9. This is awesome. Is that fish a sun fish?

  10. Thanks a lot Onírica, Michelle and Becky!

    Becky: I wanted to do a pufferfish, but seems like it's more like a sunfish :o)