Monday, June 6, 2011

Story of a seed

A little watercolor illustration I did for the story of an adventurous seed called "Sea Heart",
a seed that travels in rivers and oceans to find a perfect home.
A few years ago when I was in Mexico for vacation, I found a heart shaped object on the beach and I had no idea what it was, maybe a wired sea creature or a shell?
Just recently my friend Sarah Melling told me about a beautiful illustrated book called
"A seed in sleepy" and when I got the book from our local library I found a picture of the
heart shaped object in it! WOW! It was a seed! A big and cute one!
Here are some more pages of the same book. I really enjoyed reading about seeds
and looking at the gorgeous illustrations.
Thank you Sarah!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday friends!


  1. Ah! You narrate the story of a seed like I've been in a trip to Mexico! I love your illustration, the sea, the monkey .. You treat the seed as a character :D Beautiful! and well done!

  2. loved this post, such pretty nature illustrations!

  3. What an amazing seed! I read in Internet about Entadas Gigas. Thank you! If you are interested in trees, have a look at my last two posts and the beautiful, magical trees I wrote about.:)
    I like so much you story in pictures!!

  4. What a gorgeous book- I actually assumed it was illustrated by you! And I love your little illustration at the top- the monkey is so cute :D

  5. OMG, how do you make everything look so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

  6. Thanks a lot dear friends! Your comments made my day :) Big hugs!! xo

  7. I should have known how much you'd like that book...your work is equally exquisite and wonderful! So glad you found it as enjoyable as I did. Her book about eggs is just as fabulous, and the butterfly one just came out!
    I found one of those pods on the beach while vacationing in Costa Rica. It's been 7 years, but it's still on my desk...such a beautiful thing. Love, love, love your sketchbook story about it.

  8. Awesome post :) Love the seed and the illustrations :D