Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello friends!

Hello friends! Long time no see!
I've had difficult times in the past few months dealing with medical issues,
I really didn't have the time or concentration to blog but now I'm back and
feeling much better. I'm sorry that I worried you and thanks a lot to those
of you who sent me e-mails during this time and asked about how I'm doing.
Big big hugs!!!
Here are a few pages of my sketchbook.
Hope you have a wonderful day xoxo


  1. What a nice thing to hear something from you... I hope not you are fine...
    And I saw Turkish Airline's logo on your sketchbook. I loved it:)

    Finally "welcome..."

  2. Hi Afi!!
    Every now and then I passed by your blog, wondering where you were..
    Happy to know you're fine now!
    In bocca al lupo!
    (that is an italian common saying to wish luck, literally "In the mouth of the wolf" ;-)

  3. Glad to hear back from you :)

    Take good care of yourself :)

  4. glad to have you back and feeling better!

  5. It's nice to see you again, we were waiting :)

  6. Aw sorry you a have been poorly and so glad to hear you are on the mend. The sketchbook is looking healthy. I am loving the russian doll. I just love those and your is just perfect. xxx

  7. your sketches are so cute~
    I like the small birds..esp the one with a crown. :)

    Glad to hear your ok :)

  8. welcome back! I am glad you are feeling better :) I have missed your sketches!

  9. Hope you are feeling better. so glad to get a lovely glimpse of your sketch book.

  10. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Your sketches are always so inspiring - thanks for sharing, Rx

  11. Dear Afi! I'm so happy you posted something new in your blog, feels really fresh :D and so glad that I have seen these beautiful paintings in person :P Love it! :X:X:X

  12. Nice to see you back again and that you're feeling better. Love the sketches. :)

  13. Seus trabalhos são delicados e encantadores. Amo aquarela. Parabéns.

    Rosana (Brasil)

  14. Glad you are feeling better :) love your sketchbook, especially the cute matryoshka doll :)

  15. Glad to have you and your sketchbook back. :)
    Some months ago we start sewing as a hobby, to make some fabric dolls to our kids, and we've been visiting your blog since we are start to post our project in the a mamima blog. We love your work.

  16. HELLO, dear Afi! I'm so glad you are back and safe! I was worrying about you, because although being in a short break from blogging, I noticed that you had disappeared... Besides, without saying "bye", which was not a good sign... Now I'm glad to know you've overcome the difficcult moments and I enjoy looking at these precious pages of your sketchbook! Beautiful and exquisite drawings as ever!:-)

  17. Thank goodness you're okay! I was worried that something had happened because I haven't seen you post for a while, but I have checked back regularly for you.

    Your sketchbook pages are so magical, they remind me a lot of 's old work, but more simple and more colorful.

    Your visions are extraordinary!

  18. welcome back! the sketchbook is adorable!

  19. I discovered your blog a few days ago and completely fell in love with your sketchbooks. i felt a bit sorry to see the blog wasn't update but subscribed anyway and now I'm glad to see you're back! :) I hope you're medical issues are just a bad memory now. Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing another wonderful and magical page of your sketchbook!

  20. So glad and happy to see you back. I've been visiting your Etsy stores and oh...I'm just glad you're back.

  21. Glad you're feeling better.Please take care and I love your new drawings... beautiful as usual!
    Regards from Barcelona.

  22. Good to have you back, Afi! Hope all is fine with you.

    SHe is back!!!!!!
    GOd heard my prays!!!

    Welcome back Afi! Can't explain how happy I am now!! ;)

  24. glad you are fine, and back.
    Lovely sketches as always.

  25. You're an amzing artist!
    I'm glad you're ok now!

  26. Hi Afi! I'm really happy to hear from you again! In the past months I wondered where you were ;) your sketches are always wonderful, I'm totally in love with them!
    a big big hug!

  27. Dearest sweet afi, so HAPPY to see a new blog post from you and know that you are OK! I was so worried and i was gonna drop you an email!
    So sorry to hear about your medical issue! T_T So glad you are doing well now and i wish for speedy recovery for you! Hugz hugz huzg!!
    Oh my i really love that little asian girl you did...she has my eyes! yes so so small! hehe
    Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you..lots of it!

  28. I just came across your blog and fell in love with it right away... I love all your shops too... Looking forward for more beautiful and inspiring posts... cheers!

  29. Sooooo glad you're back! What a joy to see your name pop up on my blog roll. So happy to see that you're back in top the tattooed bird above, and the sketchbook pages are sublime as always. XO

  30. Hello Afi! I am so happy you are back and doing better! Take care!

  31. Oh your artwork is wonderful, I love it ! Keep doing the great job :) xxx

  32. welcome back. sorry you were dealing with some health issues. i understand that ... i was dealing with some myself all summer ... hope to see more of your beautiful work :) :) :)

  33. This is my best blog discovery ever!!! I wanted to left a comment on this post particularly since I have noticed the Turkish Airlines sticker on the page :)

    Your works are inspiring, thanks for sharing.