Friday, October 21, 2011

Tattooed bird

A watercolor painting that I did yesterday.
This time it's not a tattooed snail! ;)
5 x 7 Fabriano paper
Have a great Friday and weekend friends :)


  1. Очень красиво!!! Я просто влюблена в ваш блог!:) Стиль во всем! Очень тонкие изящные рисунки, в фотографиях всё продумано до мелочей! Получила огромное удовольствие побывав у вас в гостях:) Юлия

  2. He is beautiful! I like the wings most of all!

  3. Amazing!!!
    I love your work so much and your shots are perfect!
    Can you please tell me what camera do you use???

  4. Oh this is so great! I love all the detail and texture on the belly. Beautiful!

  5. Such a beauty! You are a master of drawing birds, Afi, and I always admire them!:)
    P.S. If you need help, I could translate for you Julia's comment - it's in Russian.

  6. can't stop staring :3
    really love your works! <3

  7. Beautiful. I just love your style.

  8. I love his wings, So beautiful! It has a nice contrast with his brown chest, it shines like velvet!

  9. I'll have to ask you because I want so bad to make a bird tattoo and I want one of yours, I really love your job and I did not decide it yet. Anyway, if you approve ir or not, e-mail me, I'll love to get a response.

  10. Thanks a lot my dear friends! xo :)

    Sigaliot: Thanks a lot dear xo :) I use a Nikon D200 camera

    Rossichka: Thanks a lot my lovely friend :) I already used "Google Translate" for Julia's comment!

    Big hugs xo

    Duds: Thanks a lot :) xo It's ok with me if you use it for a tattoo only for yourself.