Saturday, November 5, 2011

Early November

I try to walk fast at least half an hour everyday.
I usually visit a library near our place and come back with some children books.
This is a school near our building. I love how these bushes turn fuchsia in autumn.
Leaves in this post are from these guys :)
A few days ago sun showed up between clouds for less than a minute.
It was early morning... I was amazed by its deep red color.


  1. Autumn colors take my breath away!
    Those plants on the first photo are really nice and feathery!They must be dancing and say hsss with every breeze :D

  2. You sound like me- I always try to fit in a half hour walk each day. It's a good way to clear your head! The photos are just gorgeous- I love autumn colours :)

  3. Dearest sweet afi, your neighborhood is so beautiful! The colors of fall is truly amazing! So very inspiring! Have a beautiful week and love to you!