Friday, November 18, 2011

Windowsill garden

More than 2 years ago I posted the photos of my little garden here on my blog.
Sad news: Since then two cacti died (from pests)
Good news: Two joined the garden and
some grew taller and bigger!
My Jade bonsai is not as cute as before and I have no idea how to prune it.
Any ideas?
I bought this hairy succulent this Wednesday. Isn't it cute!


  1. i love succulents and cacti! what a cute little garden. i'm not sure how to prune back branches to maintain a cute shape either. i'm afraid of killing them.

  2. lovely :)
    now I'm gonna go nd bye some plants for my room too ... love ur house btw! <3 it looks sooooo comfy nd cozy :P

  3. So lovely. Lucky you to have a window sill. My condo has windows without sills. Bah. Whose idea was that?

  4. Hi Afi, it's so nice to see you blogging again, it seems your bonsai needs a bit of trimming (maybe some love & minerals too)

  5. If your plant is looking a bit puny, try some fertilizer. I use a brand called "Dynamite" on mine- they are small beads of fertilizer that are drizzled on the surface of the plant and last for about three months. I drizzle the soil of my bonsai regularly with water, give it regular soakings in a pan full of water (I just place the entire rectangular pot in a baking pan full of water, let it soak up what it needs over night, and repeat every few days). I also make sure to get it a lot of sun- most bonsais and succulents need some direct sun to keep growing and making more leaves.

  6. (I just looked at your "before" photo- I would definitely do some trimming on your jade plant, as well. It's okay to get rid of the branches that have no leaves or only one or two leaves. It will help the plant become less branchy and more bushy... I hope this helps! I spend about one-two hours gardening every day and have a lot of succulents and the bonsai so if i think of anything else, I will let you know! But definitely some fertilizer and regular moisture!)

  7. I really don't like cactuses BUT
    I lOVe this photo of yours - you make them look so beautiful!!
    Jess xx

  8. Did you know, that's not a jade plant at all... it's a Portulacaria Afra, whose growth is a bit drooping... the branches grew that long without leaves because it needs more light. Direct sunlight I mean, at least half a day of it in summer (in winter you obviously can put it back on the windowsill, it won't survive frosts). You can prune it a little, but it won't help if you don't give it more direct sunlight. I gave one to my mum for her birthday last march, huge and branchy, gorgeous. But she just wouldn't listen and kept her inside all summer. Now there's just half of it left... Hope it helps. Good luck! ;)

  9. Thanks a lot for your comments dear friends! :)

    Dear Soulmaz, Chel and Elisa: Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me advice on how to care for my bonsai :) I did some trimming and placed it in sunlight and will get a good fertilizer soon! :D