Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happiness Apple

I bought this apple from a Chinese supermarket in Toronto called "Hong Tai".
I have no idea how they created the Chinese word effect on the fruit?
Maybe with a sticker and exposure to sunlight? Do have any ideas?
I am not a big fan of apples, but this one was extremely delicious it changed my
mind about apples! I asked my husband Suma to ask his Chinese colleagues about
the word on the apple and they said it means "Happiness"! So sweet!


  1. Sweet...It must be the result of sun block :D maybe a sticker

  2. ohh so cute! I have never seen on of them! I look for some information: and yep.. farmers put stickers on it :)

  3. However they did it, the result is sweet ... almost too pretty to eat, almost :o)

  4. Very cool effect! :)
    No ideas about it!

  5. Such a sweet apple. And yes, it's true, they put a sticker on it and let the apple to grow like that.
    I have first seen a similar apple on Tv several months ago at a farm in Germany. They even put logos of big companies or tiny hearts for Valentine's day :-)
    Wonderful collage, you are so sensitive and have such a taste for colors!