Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
I hope year of the dragon brings you happiness, health and all the good things!
Here in Toronto you'll see pretty Asian lanterns and New Year greetings everywhere.
I love how multicultural this city is.
I've used:

HB pencil
colored pencils
watercolors . Gold gouache
Some persimmon beads I've made for earrings
My beloved persimmon teapot


  1. Wow! Beautiful! It's amazing how you painted it with color pencils! Happy chinese year, I'll try to relax, eat fruits and read lots of books!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you, too! :) This journal page is AMAZING. I just love your style!

    & that's awesome that you're in Toronto! I live in Brantford! :)

  3. Such a pretty post. Happy New Year to you. I love the fruits that you drew and also the earrings and teapot!

  4. How do you get your polymer clay to look fuzzy like that? You always make such great things, so jealous!

  5. Beatifull! Thank you for your painted! :-)

  6. Happy Chinese new year to you too! I'm pretty sure I was born in the year of the dragon :) Your little fruit couple is so cute and detailed- and I love those animal paper clips, how sweet!

  7. Such beautiful illustration and pretty details! :)

  8. Dearest sweet afi, such a beautiful post!! I adore those gorgeous persimmon beads! Just pretty! Have a lovely merry happy dragon year sweet friend! Love to you!

  9. Happy Chinese New Year!
    Here in São Paulo, we also had a kind of celebrate!
    And I love your drawing! ;D Perfect!

  10. Beautiful work and so detailed! You must have amazing eyesight! Thankyou for sharing the materials you used, the black outline is a lovely contrast tio the softer colours of the pencils. Such sweet earrings too.:)
    Jess xx

  11. happy new year! ijust came across your blog and really loving everything in here! love your work and jewelry!

    new follower :)

  12. Beautiful dragon and photo. Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

  13. Thanks a lot for all your sweet comments! You guys are the best! xo

    Nicole: Thanks a lot dear! I'll talk about the velvet/fuzzy effect very soon! :o)

  14. i cannot help but love your sketchbook pages. just enough collage and paint and you still leave some pencil and just plain ink.
    i used to swear by the micron 005, have you tried the Pilot g tec c 0.25?
    a little less waterproof, but such a nice rollerball, you never have the old micron pen breakdown. i used to buy one every week!

  15. Amazing! I'm without words. Simply fantastic!