Friday, March 23, 2012

My precious grandma

Happy Persian New Year everyone.
I'm a bit late because my precious grandma passed away a few hours before the new year.
I miss her so much but I'm sure she's in a better place now.
Spring is now here and I get to meet my old friends again.
They all sing very cute songs and I can't tell which one sings better!


  1. My sincerest condolences on your loss. May you and your family be blessed and comforted.

  2. Hi!I'm very sorry for your grandma!

    Today is the Persian new year? I had no idea!:) Than happy Persian New Year!
    A greeting to your frinds birds and to you!

  3. All of us got born, all of us will pass away one day. This is just a circle of life.
    Your grandma is always with you in your heart, your memories. I lost almost all of them now... But when I want to - I just close my eyes and remember my precious time with them... Feels like they are alive again :)
    It will be ok :)


  4. These are beautiful photos <3

  5. Happy Persian New Year, dear Afi!
    I hope, your grandma will rest in peace.
    Big hugs,

  6. I am *so* sorry for your loss. Great big healing hugs to you and your family- much love.

  7. I'm sorry for your loss! Such news make me sad, but this is life... I heard somewhere someone saying that the only thing that is for sure in our lives, is death..:(
    These birdies are so touching! I'm sure their songs are merry and make you happy!!

  8. Thanks a lot for all of your kind comments. Xoxoxo

  9. look for her smile in the bright sunshine or the curly wind-blown clouds, that is what I like to do, that's where I find my sweet grandmother...I wish calm peace to your heart, so you may find your way to her over and over again, whenever you need to...

  10. sending my condolences on your grandma's passing!! <3<3<3

  11. Thanks a lot Erika, thanks a lot Arinn xoxo Big hugs!!

  12. So sorry about your grandma...hope you're ok! That's life...
    Big Hug,

  13. Dear Ana, Thanks a lot! You are the sweetest! Big hugs back :o) xoxo

  14. Dear JooJoo,
    i'm really sad to read about your grandma.
    I also lost mine, and i remember how hard those days were.

    Now, i know, she is always in my heart, still giving me good advice...

    Welcome to your lovely spring friends.

    Have a nice year.

  15. Dear Perezvila, thanks a lot for this kind comment. Your grandma must have been a very close to you. God bless her xoxo

  16. My condolences on your loss. May you and your family be blessed and comforted. I have lost all my grandparents already, but I have so many happy memories of the time spent with them.

    Happy Persian New Year! :)
    Love your birds shots!

  17. Thank you Kia, thank you April xoxo