Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never give up!

I had started painting this illustration some time in September and
at that time my health situation was so bad that I left it unfinished.
I originally wanted to encourage myself with this quote "Never give up".
And now I really believe in it.
I just finished it last weekend :o)
Watercolor and colored pencils on 8.5" x 11" Hot-Pressed Fabriano paper
I asked my husband Suma to take a photo of me next to a table lamp.
It helped me with the lighting of the illustration!
You can purchase the archival print of this illustration in my Etsy print shop!


  1. LOVE this! I'm a cancer, love the water, sitting by the fire at night, and need this reminder often. This could be painting of me!

  2. Beautiful! The sky is my favorite part...especially the large moon!

  3. Oh how pretty!! I also posted today about my favorite quotes :)

    I love the moon and the stars and the crab constellation. I hope you're feeling better now! It's amazing how couple of words can change one's perception of life.
    I have the same quote hanging above my desk by the way:)

  4. Love the illustration & love your blog :)


  5. I adore this & all your art! I've been wondering how to paint a night sky with watercolor for the longest time! Any tips?


  6. Oh my! This is such a beautiful scene! I love everything about it, but most of all, the girl's pose which I was sure it's you, before I scroll down and see your photo! I lovethe lights and the cute turtle, it's such a relaxing atmosphere and sends this signal: every thing is under control, just don't lose your hope and carry on!

  7. Superb finishing, just love the neatness :)


  8. Thanks a lot for your kind comments my dear friends! :o)

    Jess: Thanks a lot Jess! You're so sweet! Someone has asked the same question before, so I would say: Wet the background and all the places that you need the dark night sky paint on(with a big brush). While it's damp/wet start coloring the sky. This way paint won't get absorbed very quickly and it will run smoother through your paper and it only runs in places that are already wet. This way thing are more under control. After that you can clean up the edges with darker colors if you like(This case around the moon and clouds) You can also look for "wet on wet" technique in Google and see YouTube videos about it :)

  9. What a perfect timing! This is what I need now, Afi... Been through rough patches lately, glad to be reminded not to give up :)

  10. Dear Afi, I like your painting so much! It's one of a kind..., so calm, so quiet and relaxing... The turtle makes any hint of suspense disappear at once! The beautiful sky is full of promises for the new days... Oh, and the boat is number 1!
    I'm glad you didn't give up and I hope all the bad moments are behind your back!
    Have a lovely, inspiring March!:)
    The photo is wonderful!

  11. Hello, okay?
    I am a big fan of your work. You're my favorite illustrator.
    I think their designs perfect.
    Forgive me if my English is not good, but I can not speak English. I live in Brazil.
    I wonder if I'm allowed to talk about his work on my blog.
    I can show your illustrations? Spreading the link to your blog and talk a little about you and your incredible work?
    I do not know if I can. So, I came to ask you. I need your permission, because I do not like doing anything wrong.
    If you accept or not, let me know please.
    No problem if you want. I respect your decision.
    Thank you and congratulations for the beautiful work.
    I hope your answer. Kisses.

  12. It's gorgeous! The sky is breathtaking.

  13. I love all what you do (painting, jewel...)
    It's a pleasure to come on your blog ! (Sorry for the english, I'm French :s )

  14. Thank you to all of you my lovely friends! xoxo :o)

    Sisilia: Oh, Sisilia...I hope everything goes smooth for you dear. Yes, we should never give up :o)

    Rossichka: Dear Rossichka, your comments always warm my heart! Big big hugs!

    Nick: Dear Nick, thank you for stopping by my blog :o) It's ok with me if you blog about me, and please link back to my blog. Hugs! xoxo

  15. Dearest sweet Afi, this is my new favorite print! The words really speak loud and clear to me. I also love how you took of photo of you which so resemble the illustration! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  16. Keep this watercolor near to your heart and never stop dreaming. Keep on with your talented work that bring us wonderful creations.

    Thanks for sharing,

  17. Afi, thank you for allowing me to speak of his work on my blog.
    I was very happy! Thank you!
    I already made the post, see: *-*
    You have very real talent, congratulations. :)

  18. Amazing illustration with a great message! I just found your blog and love it already :)

  19. Wonderful painting and spirit, Afi. Keep it up! xo

  20. What an inspiration! The illustration is fantabulous! I'm quite excited to have found such a motivational blog entry! Never give up!