Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to hollow out eggs

Quail eggs

I always hollow out my eggs so I can treasure them for many years.
There is a very good tutorial here in eHow website that you can refer to.
How to Hollow Out an Egg

I prefer to insert in the needle just about 5mm in the shell and not more to
prevent the shell from cracking. I make a few more holes very close to the
first one to create a larger hole and I repeat the process for the other end of the egg.
How to Hollow Out an Egg

Blow the egg out as this tutorial says.
Or if you have a rubber ear syringe just do as Martha Stewart.

Preparing the colors

Make some colorful water with food coloring and a bit of vinegar.
Submerging the eggs in water

for a perfect submerge and to prevent your eggs from floating on the surface you need to
fill them with water. I used a medical syringe myself.
The best way to dry the eggs is to make a drying rack like this.
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VoilĂ ! Now you have perfectly dyed eggs!


  1. Dearest sweet afi, yipee thanks so much for making this tutorial!! LOVE! I want to give this a try! Have a beautiful good friday and love to you!

  2. beautiful idea! Your whole works are awesome!! :)