Monday, March 24, 2014

J is for Jaguar . J comme Jaguar

Here is the letter "J" of my French Alphabet poster.
One more animal is left to complete this poster! 
Watercolor on paper.

 Find both versions of this print in my Etsy shop.

Pencil sketch from my Instagram photostream.


  1. Happy family! Little Jaguar smile is so sweet! Well done for your French Alphabet board :-)

  2. Ohhh, dear dear, I have discovered your website a few days ago and I cannot take my eyes from it. It is lovely. And the letters with the animals they are soooooo cute. I really appreciate your work. I know this is a lot of work engaged but I know the passion can do extraordinary things. I thank you so much for sharing all the great drawings + life impressions that you do with all of us.

    1. Dear Anca! Thanks a lot for this super kind comment! Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy your visits :o)

      PS. Thanks a lot for featuring my work in your lovely blog. It's my honor.