Wednesday, April 2, 2014

X comme Xérus . A is for African ground squirrel

 "X comme Xérus", "A is for African ground squirrel" 
The last animal of my French alphabet poster.
 I will add the French poster to the shop soon.
 Stay tuned!

Watercolor on paper
 Find the prints of these babies in my Etsy shop

Work in progress


  1. Once I'll have a child I will hang one of your alphabet posters in its room. I totally adore the way how you draw the animals. They are all very lovely.

  2. Hi Afsaneh, I have been following you blog since the last 3-4 years and am a great fan..I am so awed by whatever you create. There is so much an eye to detail and your work exhibits so much beauty and peace ..its wonderful. I even have one of your home-sweet-home originals at my home gifted by a friend. I love your packaging and how personal it you do all of this all by yourself? If you do its incredible..I do miss seeing some of your jewellery though..its been long..Anyway stay blessed..Love Krati

  3. Thanks a lot dear friends!! :o) You comments always make my day!
    Krati: Thanks a lot! You are so kind ^___^ It's true... I was neglecting jewelry posts for a long time. But I will have some fresh jewelry posts very soon! Stay tuned! :o)