Thursday, June 26, 2014

Heezome . My parents Etsy shop

Hello everyone! Today I'm gonna introduce a fresh Etsy shop to you, but it's not my shop this time;
 It's actually my parents shop! The whole story started from the time that I asked my dad if he can
 make some tiny shadow boxes for me. Because I couldn't find them anywhere else.
 And voilà! Heezome shop was born at that time. 
 Hope you enjoy!

I used these small shadow boxes for my kokeshi dolls.
A dream come true for me!

And I think painted stones look great displayed in them.
I will blog about my new painted stones very soon.

The prettiest way to display little treasures, travel souvenirs, miniatures,..Don't you think so?


  1. Congratulations to your parents, Afi. They certainly do wonderful things as you do. Your Kokeishi dolls look great in the shadow boxes.
    Big hugs from us.


    1. Thanks a lot dear Nanou! You are so sweet! Big hugs back to all of you! xoxo

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