Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY How to color your own map tacks

I love map tacks. How about you?
Unfortunately I couldn't find that many lovely colors in the market.
Most of the ones I found were primary colors. Then one night I dreamt of 
a whole lot of map tacks in adorable pastel colors. Haha! That sounds silly but 
when I woke up I was still thinking about that dream...and then I decided
to color my own map tacks using nail polish! 

Aren't they adorable? 
All you need is two flat nose pliers, some white map tacks and some nail polish colors
(I have a big collection of nail polish. Some are from 15 years ago!!!)

Hope you enjoy and have fun trying this little DIY project!


  1. I loved it! It is easy and nice! =]
    A good and simple idea! Hugs

  2. Lovely. As always. But I have a question: "...nail polish. Some are from 15 years ago". Really?! How?! Explain, please.
    I figured you meant to say that the same color chart exist for 15 years. Is that?!
    Love your blog and your creations. Bye.

    1. Thanks a lot Silvia! No they are just old! I keep them in fridge, that way they always stay fresh!!!