Friday, July 11, 2014

A special commission

 I was working on a special watercolor commission lately. 
Four cute pets of Lauren's family are having a tea party.
These prints are for a newly born baby girl's room!
I would love to know which animal is your favorite in this illustration!?

Here you can see their super cute photos and my initial sketch.

Dancing around the May Pole.
Which animal is your favorite in this painting?


  1. Omg it's so cute! ♥ i'm inlove with all of them <3

  2. I love them all, who wouldn't but I think the #2 grey cat has a lot of sophistication in the way she drinks tea and I love the little flower in her hair and the ballerina skirt. Adorable! <3 You are so talented!

  3. Beautiful, Afi.
    Female 2 is my favorite.



  4. Thanks a lot for your comments my lovely friends :o) I also love the female cat the most! And she is my husband's favorite too!! Haha!! She is popular!!! :))

  5. My favourite one is the dog. I like the colour and he poors the tea like a gentleman :-)

  6. You are a true artist! they are so beautiful!!!

  7. Hi Afsaneh, I really like your drawings. They are always beautiful and delicate. Love the grey cat in a pink tutu. My cat is a grey tabby too, but he's a playful boy. :)


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