Thursday, October 30, 2014

O is for Octopus

 "O is for Octopus"
I regularly receive e-mails from customers asking if I will add new watercolor animals to the shop.Aquatic animals for ocean themed nurseries are among the most requested.
 Next animal will be a seahorse.

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Watercolor on paper
Print of this baby is available in my print shop.

Sketch, original watercolor and a 4"x 6" print.


  1. I love to look at his cute and sweet eyes! He looks glossy and flexible! Here in turkey, I saw a fruit named Dag Silegi, it is round and dotted, but you wont believe how easily you can squeeze it! it's red outside, and yellow, orange inside!

    1. Thanks a lot Azadeh joon! I Googled the fruit. It looks so cute and must be yummy! It's always great to discover new fruits